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28 Jul Protecting the Universal Postal Service

Ofcom’s decision to allow Royal Mail greater freedom over its pricing and the subsequent announcement of postal rate increases has caused outcry from consumer and small business groups. However, Paul Galpin, Managing Director, P2P Mailing, points out that change is necessary if the Universal Postal...

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28 Jul Set Up An Effective Fulfilment System

Many e-tailers take great care in setting up their website, ensuring that it is eye-catching and accessible for potential customers. But many often forget to afford the same attention to their fulfilment system. Here, Paul Galpin, Managing Director, P2P Mailing, examines the key elements of...

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Consumer Attitudes on Shopping Cart Abandonment. Marketers are constantly combating shopping cart abandonment and looking for ways to save potentially lost sales. Causes for abandonment are continually analysed and various tactics are incessantly being developed to discourage abandonment and get consumers back into shopping carts. We...

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11 Nov ReBOUND Returns Brochure

E-Commerce returns are more than just a process, they are a customer experience. ReBOUND gives you access to a choice of cost-optimized return methods such as Tracked Post, Parcel Shops, Couriers & Lockers for consumer choice to suit your customers different lifestyles & cultures across...

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