We find that using TRAKPAK leads to higher customer satisfaction when compared to rival services that we also use such as wnDirect since TRAKPAK typically use a more well-known and reliable courier in the customers country for the final mile so there are fewer items lost in transit whilst the price remains competitive.

The TRAKPAK team are very pro-active where there is a problem with delivery, such as an incomplete address provided by the customer, they contact us straight away and do everything they can to ensure the item reaches the customer whilst keeping us informed throughout.

Director, Martin Lott at FYFO.co.uk added –

We have found the service from TRAKPAK to be both reliable and cost effective in fulfilling our Amazon marketplace orders internationally.

In comparison to Royal Mail, whom we were using to fulfil orders on Amazon.de from the United Kingdom, we find that the item is tracked much more frequently on its journey to the customer, the customer is kept informed by email, delivery is quicker and the cost is approximately half of what we were paying.