International UnTracked Mail & Parcel Dispatch
We partner a carefully selected range of postal service providers maximising their strengths in different areas. We do not operate a least cost routing philosophy, requiring us to access numerous different service providers from one job to the next. Instead, we balance cost with other important elements such as service, quality, ease of access and customer service. To find out more, please click here.
International Express Mail & Parcel Dispatch
P2P is an approved reseller of DHL  services in the UK. As such we offer access to the full range of DHL’s services and work closely in partnership with DHL to ensure the very best service delivery for your urgent, time sensitive or higher value shipments world-wide. Again, rather than accessing the services of a large number of integrated courier networks, we prefer to partner with one carefully selected partner to optimise the balance between cost and service and ensure the best cooperation in delivering a reliable and efficient service to our Customers. To find out more, please click here
Domestic Tracked and UnTracked
Through the use of Royal Mail – Downstream Access, Carefully selected UK parcel delivery specialists or private Hand Delivery networks, either in combination or isolation, we constantly assess the best way to balance cost of delivery with speed and efficiency in line with the needs of your business and the customer experience you want to achieve. Click here for more information.
Trak Pak
P2P Mailing is proud to introduce Trak Pak – an innovative and exciting new service for the despatch of small packets and parcels to consumers world-wide for the ecommerce sector. Click here for more information
Order Fulfilment Solutions
Whether you have small or bulk orders or large distributions, our sister company, P2P e-Logistics have the complete range of services, superb people, great technology and modern facilities to be the perfect service partner helping your business to grow profitably and gain the competitive edge in your market. Click here for more information
eRetail Logistics Forum Library
P2P has provided a unique centralised library of useful information for the e-commerce sector – a sector that is experiencing dynamic growth due to the considerable increases in consumer on-line buying behaviour – both within the UK and abroad. The information resources have been organised into a library of practical content.

There is a mix of research studies commissioned by P2P and other industry bodies, white papers, articles, news and useful web-sites to act a s a toolkit to help our customers within the e-commerce sector to build intelligence that will in turn help to make their business a success. Click here to access the library.

P2P Mailing is rewriting the rules around building dynamic distribution solutions for our customers by involving our customers in the design process

We believe that you deserve more than just a rate card when considering how to get your mail and parcels to your customers.

You deserve more that just a “take our word for it” attitude.  Deploying an effective distribution solution for your business can be the difference between making and breaking profitable relationships with your customers. We call this Dynamix.

P2P Mailing truly care about their customer’s business and their complete range of distribution services coupled with their knowledge and ability to deliver the very best solutions to meet every requirement has meant that I know I am in good hands”
MD, e-commerce business